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Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of the IPS Commission Chairs and the 2nd Vice President of IPS.

It provides the Society with advice and information on matters of scientific, technical and cultural importance, drawing upon the pool of knowledge available in the Commissions and elsewhere and promoting and disseminating research results. The SAB operates between Congresses but elects its Chair and Secretary each year by secret ballot; it meets normally twice a year in association with other IPS meetings.

Jack Rieley, United Kingdom

Catherine Farrell

IPS 2nd Vice President
Paul Short, Canada

Chairs of Commissions I - IX
Lars Lundin, Sweden
Gerald Schmilewski, Germany
Lech Szajdak, Poland
Jürgen Schoenherr, Germany
Catherine Farrell, Ireland
Riitta Korhonen, Finland
Hannu Hökkä, Finland
Michiel Gerding, The Netherlands
Jack Rieley, United Kingdom



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