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International Peat Journal

International Peat Journal

In 1986, the IPS published the first issue of the International Peat Journal, dedicated to publishing scientific papers on peat and peatland research.

Until 2004, 12 issues have been launched. At times it was difficult to receive enough material and the number of subscriptions remained under the expectations, but all in all, it was a useful publication for many experts in the field.

The last issue of the International Peat Journal was printed in 2004. All issues of the IPJ are still available in the online shop.

An international journal devoted to peat

Within the previous years, the editorial policy of the International Peat Journal has been changed and adapted to current developments. In 2003 and 2004, many good quality papers have been received and sent to relevant experts for peer review. The most recent outcome of this process was issue no 12/2004 of the International Peat Journal.

Peer review was carried out by international specialists in all fields of peat and peatlands science and technology. The Journal included full length papers, short communications and review articles. It was intended to make the Journal more responsive to new and innovatory fields of peatland science and technology and to encourage an interactive approach by promoting debate and dialogue between members of the International Peat Society and other specialists around the world through letters to the editor and feature articles.

Peat and peatlands internationally

The International Peat Journal considered for publication quality articles from all branches of peat and peatlands science and technology, especially, but not exclusively, from the subject areas covered by the seven permanent Commissions of the International Peat Society. These topics include inventory, stratigraphy and conservation of peatlands; industrial utilisation of peat and peatlands for horticulture, energy, environmental protection and other industrial purposes; utilisation of peat and peatlands in agriculture; chemical, physical and biological characteristics of peat; after use of cut-over peatlands, including peatland restoration and rehabilitation; peat balneology, medicine and therapeutics; peatland forestry.

Peat and peatlands scientists, technologists and other experts were invited to submit manuscripts on any of the above fields of interest and any other that may be relevant to the International Peat Journal with a view to their publication. Relevant experts were also invited to offer their services to the peer review procedures of the IPJ in order to help raise its quality further and promote its esteem throughout the world.

Until 2004, Prof. Jack Rieley was Editor of the International Peat Journal.

Prof. Jack Rieley
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