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Peat News is the monthly electronic newsletter of the International Peat Society. It is distributed to all members of the IPS by e-mail. The first issue was sent out in January 2002.

Currently, about 1,200 people are receiving Peat News. About 600 IPS members get the newsletter directly from the IPS Secretariat, Dutch and German members can subscribe via their National Committees. Altogether, about 80% of the IPS members and almost 300 other persons receive the newsletter.

Communications Manager Susann Warnecke works as Editorial Secretary of Peat News. If you are a member of IPS and want to subscribe for the newsletter please contact her.

Any comments and suggestions for the content of the next issue are always welcome. If you wish to be among the authors for one of the next issues, please send your short announcement (5-6 lines) to the IPS Secretariat.

Current issue

Peat News 8/2011 6 September 2011

IPS Press Release on Responsible Peatland Management Strategy

On 1 September, IPS has distributed the press release below via Business Wire to news agencies and journalists around the world in 18 different language versions (English, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian). This is the second effort to inform the broad public about the Strategy, its aims and actions as well as to promote its implication on national and local level, after a first press release in February. Please follow the press in your country and share this information within your networks (almost all language versions are available on the left): www.businesswire.com/news/home/20110901005092/en/International-Peat-Society-Global-Strategy-Responsible-Peatland.

International Peat Society: Global Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management Launched

JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The International Peat Society has launched a Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management, which for the first time defines objectives and actions for the conservation, management and rehabilitation of mires and peatlands globally, based on the principles of Wise Use.

 “The Strategy is applicable to all types of peatland under every use – including non-use – and it is directed to everyone responsible for or involved in the management of peatlands, or in the peat supply chain.”

Donal Clarke, President of the IPS, explains: “The Strategy is applicable to all types of peatland under every use – including non-use – and it is directed to everyone responsible for or involved in the management of peatlands, or in the peat supply chain.” Peatland management should be appropriate to the peatland type and use while respecting cultural, environmental, and socio-economic conditions.

The overall purpose of the Strategy is to improve standards and increase knowledge of responsible peatland management. The principal aims are to ensure that high conservation value peatlands are identified and conserved, utilised peatlands are managed responsibly and drained or otherwise degraded peatlands are rehabilitated.

The Strategy sets out key objectives and specific actions for biodiversity, hydrology and water regulation, climate and climate change processes, economic activities, after-use, rehabilitation and restoration, human and institutional capacity and information dissemination and engagement of local people and good governance.

Globally, peatlands cover an area of 4 million square kilometres in 180 countries, which equals 3% of the Earth’s land surface. The majority of the global peatlands (3.4 mill km2) are still in a near natural condition, are valuable habitats for wildlife and biodiversity and many are managed as nature reserves.

Peatlands are used for agriculture (300,000 km2), forestry (150,000 km2), growing media production (2,000 km2) and energy generation (2,000 km2), mostly in the northern hemisphere. Around 120,000 km2 have been drained in tropical regions for a variety of purposes, but especially for plantations of oil palm and paper pulp trees.

The Strategy was formulated during a two-year consultation process involving a broad range of mire, peat and peatland stakeholders. These included scientific experts, peatland managers, private sector companies and environmental NGOs.

The International Peat Society (IPS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation of scientific, industrial and regulatory members. It aims at bringing people and organisations together to foster the advancement, exchange and communication of knowledge on all aspects of peatlands and peat. The IPS has 1450 members in 36 countries. The Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management is available at www.peatsociety.org.

Contacts: Donal Clarke, President, Phone: +353-862-553-806 or
Susann Warnecke, Communications Manager, ips@peatsociety.org

Contribute to the IPS Peatland Inventory 2011

The International Peat Society is currently updating its peatland database and, together with the IPS Scientific Advisory Board, would like to gather the most up to date information for each nation. We have forwarded an open questionnaire to our nineteen National Committees, but of course all IPS members with expert knowledge are also welcome to contribute. Please visit the survey document at www.tiny.cc/ipspeatlandinventory2011 and fill in the data where possible, mentioning references and your name. Please do not delete previously given information, but add yours in a new line or behind older figures, commenting is also possible (insert -> comment). After 30 October 3011, we will collect and evaluate the information provided. If you do not have relevant data please state ‘no info’ or ‘not relevant’ and/or forward the above link to someone in your network who might have this information. The main questions relate to peatland inventory, peatland management and after-use. The data will be collated and presented at the International Peat Congress in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2012. Further instructions can be found in the questionnaire table; basically the table works exactly like an Excel sheet. Please contact susann.warnecke (at) peatsociety.org if you have any difficulties/queries or need further information. Thank you for your valuable assistance!

International Peat Congress – Abstract Deadline 31 October 2011

The Scientific Committee of the 14th International Peat Congress is asking all IPS members and their colleagues to consider submitting abstracts for this most important event next summer. The Congress entitled “Peatlands in Balance” will be held at the City Congress Centre in Stockholm on 3 - 8 June 2012 and we expect at least some 500 - 800 participants. The abstract submission deadline is already very close, on 31 October 2011. We look forward to receiving abstracts for oral and poster presentations on the latest developments in the world of peat and peatlands from you – this is a great opportunity to share knowledge with other peatland experts and scientists of related disciplines. More information on the International Peat Congress in Sweden 2012, detailed instructions for abstract submission and a pre-registration form can be found at form at www.ipc2012.se. Let’s get ready for a fabulous Congress!

Call for Articles and Advertisements: Peatlands International 2/2011

So far we have just a few articles for the next issue of Peatlands International. Please consider sending a report about your studies, recent events, news announcements, photos and other peatland-related topics by 30 September 2011 (strict deadline) to the IPS Secretariat, susann.warnecke (at) peatsociety.org. Peatlands International 2/2011 will be published in December in 2,000 copies and after that sent to all members of the Society as well as a number of stakeholders and subscribers. All contributions should be written in English, unformatted with less than 2000 words (1-4 pages Arial pt 10) with low case headlines, an introduction, sub headlines, if needed, and full author contact details. Photographs and other illustrations are very welcome, please send them as separate files (jpg, pdf, tiff, high resolution) and include captions as well as the names of their copyright holders. More information on Peatlands International can be found at www.peatsociety.org/index.php?id=55.

Heikki Karppimaa new Managing Director of Turveruukki Oy

Diplom Engineer Heikki Karppimaa was appointed new Managing Director of Turveruukki Oy, Finland as of 1 September 2011. Mr. Karppimaa has worked so far as Development (R&D) Manager of the company, after having been in different positions at Turveruukki since 1984. The earlier Managing Director, Mr. Aulis Martinmäki, will retire in September. Turveruukki Oy is a producer of energy and horticultural peat in Northern Finland, established in 1975. More information about the company can be found at www.turveruukki.fi. (Tiina Holappa)

French Mire and Peat Specialists can join IPS directly now

In June this year, the IPS National Committee in France (CFTT) has announced that they will not continue their activities due to low interest in their country. Thereby we have asked our current French members a few weeks ago to join the International Peat Society directly. The French C.A.S., Chambre Syndicale des Améliorants Organiques et Supports de Culture, will continue their work, more info at www.cas-asso.com. Persons, companies or other organisations in countries without a National Committee can join IPS directly at www.peatsociety.org/index.php?id=21.

IPS UK Conference: Can Quality Plants be grown without Peat?

The UK Peat Society, National Committee of IPS, and the Stockbridge Technology Centre are organising a grower and gardener conference on the topic “Can Quality Plants be grown without Peat?” in Selby, Nr. York, United Kingdom on 4 October 2011. The conference is held to inform on UK, international and EU thoughts on the sustainable use of peat by growers of food and ornamental plants and to discuss the wise use of peat by English horticulture producers and gardeners. There will be a display of trial results, using a range of growing media, now being offered to gardeners/growers and a display of potential problems that may be encountered by users of green waste compost. Speakers include:

This will be followed by an open discussion of the problems UK horticulturalists have encountered in using reduced peat and alternative growing media. There will also be an open forum where divergent views can be expressed and a presentation on ‘The implications for food security and food safety of growing vegetables and salad plants on peat free growing media’. Places are limited and attendance is by invitation confirmation only. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please register with annblack (at) stc-nyorks.co.uk if you wish to attend. (Jack Rieley)

UK Tender: Measurement of Peat Content in Growing Media

The UK Department of Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has issued a call for a tender to develop a methodology to detect and measure the peat content in a bag of growing media. Background is the Natural Environment White Paper (The Natural Choice), published on 7 June 2011, which sets out the Government’s goal to phase out peat use in horticulture by 2030 (with a voluntary target of 2020 for the growing media sold to the amateur market). In early discussions on potential alternative policy measures it has become clear there will need to be a method to assess, quantify and independently verify the peat content of products on sale. However, such methods are complicated by the nature of peat and the majority of peat-alternatives. This project will suggest, develop and evaluate methodologies that could be utilised to detect and measure the peat content of a bag of growing media. The guide price for this project is £80,000 and full proposals should be submitted by 14 September 2011, 16:00 hrs. The complete tender is available at the DEFRA website,  www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/evidence/science/research-funding/competitions/. (Jack Rieley)

Proceedings of “Investing in Peatlands” and UK Peatland Inquiry Reports Available

The proceedings from the IUCN UK conference “Investing in Peatlands: Delivering Multiple Benefits”, held in Stirling, United Kingdom this summer are now available online:

In addition, the final technical reviews that contributed to the IUCN UK Commission of Inquiry on Peatlands and resulting briefing notes are now available as downloads at
. The final Commission of Inquiry Assessment report will be published this autumn 2011, and available to download from the IUCN website. (Mary Church)

Wild Fire and Carbon Management Workshop in Indonesia

The 3rd International Workshop on “Wild Fire and Carbon Management in Peat-Forest in Indonesia” will be held in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia on 22 - 24 September 2011. The aims of the workshop are: (1) synthesize knowledge on past, current and future trends relating to wildfires and the carbon management of peat-forest, (2) provide information on the possible impacts of climate change, as well as guidance for stakeholders in the area of planning, implementation and scenarios (REDD-plus, etc.) and (3) compile a roadmap that provides a short to long term vision on research needs. More information and the second circular of the workshop can be found, for instance, at www.peatsociety.org/index.php?id=4. (Hendrik Segah)

Energy and Meteorology Conference in Australia

An International Conference on Energy & Meteorology 2011 will be held at the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa, Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia on 7 - 11 November 2011. This event provides a great opportunity to network with scientists, engineers, economists, policy makers and other specialists working at the junction between weather, climate and energy. As the international community struggles to develop policies and frameworks to effectively tackle climate change, a much stronger connection between Energy & Meteorology will allow the development of forward-looking, cost-effective and sustainable weather and climate risk management strategies for the energy industry. More information can be found at www.icem2011.org.

Register for the International Peat Congress 2012!



For an up-to-date list of upcoming events of the International Peat Society and related organisations, please visit www.peatsociety.org/index.php?id=4. Proceedings and other publications can be ordered at www.peatsociety.org/index.php?id=80.

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