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Peatlands International

Peatlands International is the member magazine of IPS. It is sent in 2000 - 3000 copies twice annually to all IPS members by post. Additionally, Peatlands International is distributed to a number of other stakeholders in peat and peatlands.

The magazine consists of about 50-60 pages with background reports on peat and peatlands, reviews of conferences and books, it publishes research findings, business reports and internal information on the IPS.

If you would like to be among the authors of Peatlands International, please send your material by 30 March / 30 September at the latest to the IPS Secretariat.

Editorial Board

Paul Short, Canada
Juhani Päivänen, Finland
Michael Trepel, Germany
Catherine Farrell, Ireland
Anne Jelle Schilstra, The Netherlands
Lech Szajdak, Poland
Marie Kofod-Hansen, Sweden
Allan Robertson, United Kingdom
Tom Malterer, USA

Subscriptions and orders

You can order Peatlands International in the online shop or subscribe to it by sending an e-mail to the IPS Secretariat for € 25 magazine (€ 50 annually) including mailing costs. All older issues can also still be ordered. All members of IPS receive Peatlands International automatically and for free. 


Peatlands International is partly financed by advertisements. If you are interested in promoting your company or products, please download the Mediakit below and contact the IPS Secretariat as soon as possible. 

/pimediakit2011.pdf pimediakit2011.pdf 251.98 KB 

Call for Articles: Peatlands International 1/2011

We kindly ask all IPS members and their colleagues to send reports about their studies, recent events, news announcements, photos and other peatland-related topics by 30 September 2011 (strict deadline) to the IPS Secretariat, susann.warnecke (at) peatsociety.org.

Peatlands International 2/2011 will be published in December in 2,000 copies and after that sent to all members of the Society as well as a number of stakeholders and subscribers. We also accept additional advertisements – this is a good opportunity for our corporate members to promote their products! 

Instructions for Authors

We warmly welcome your research reports, review of conferences and similar events, announcements and in-depth stories about all issues related to peat and peatlands for Peatlands International.

If you would like to be among the authors of one of the next issues, please contact the IPS Secretariat as soon as possible, announcing the topic and length of your article. All contributions must be submitted by 30 September / 30 March at the latest.

Please compose your text of max. 2,000 words in MS Word, font Arial 10 pt, single line spacing and without additional formatting (caps, indents etc.). Photos or graphics should be sent separately as high resolution jpg, tif, eps, psd, or pdf files. Please also remember to submit captions for all illustrations as well as the names of their copyright holders (photographers) and to mention your full contact details at the end of the text.

To speed up the editing process, we ask all authors to have their papers checked by a native English speaker before submission, wherever possible. The Editorial Board of Peatlands International reserves the right to select, edit and shorten papers, if necessary.