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Preliminary Programme

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

14:00 Introduction by Jaakko Silpola

14:10 Fuel Peat Industry in the EU; Teuvo Paappanen, Arvo Leinonen and Kari Hillebrand, VTT, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/paappanen_Peat_in_EU.ppt paappanen_Peat_in_EU.ppt 950.50 KB 

14:30 Peat Production Technologies and Key Factors in Development; Ilkka Heikkilä and Niko Nevalainen, Vapo, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/heikkilä_ 
Peat_production_technology.doc heikkilä_ Peat_production_technology.doc 231.00 KB
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/heikkilä_Peat_Techology.ppt heikkilä_Peat_Techology.ppt 16.12 MB 

14:50 Practical Guide to Water Treatment Methods in Peat Harvesting; Tarja Väyrynen, Turveruukki, Finland
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/jkl seminars 2010/technology/vayrynen_water_treatment11 6 2010.pdf vayrynen_water_treatment11 6 2010.pdf 750.21 KB 
15:10 ABC for Preventing Peat Production Site Fires; Hannu Salo, Association of Finnish Peat Industries, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/salo_Peat_Production_Site_Fires.pptx salo_Peat_Production_Site_Fires.pptx 1.82 MB 

15:30 Coffee break

15:50 Split Root Fertigation in Peat; Risto Tahvonen, Agriwood Research Finland MTT, Horticulture, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/tahvonen_split_root16.6.10.ppt tahvonen_split_root16.6.10.ppt 14.36 MB 

16:10 Development of Peat Production Technology in VTT; Arvo Leinonen, Ari Erkkilä and Juha Niemiaho, VTT, Finland
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16:30 Peat Pyrolysis - a Good  Choice for Soil and Climate, Pekka Järvinen, ÅF-Consult Oy, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/järvinen_peat_pyrolysis.pdf järvinen_peat_pyrolysis.pdf 1.03 MB 

17:00 Closing
18:00 Departure to boat cruise on Lake Päijänne and dinner at Savutuvan Apaja restaurant

Thursday, 17 June 2010

8:30 Re-opening and organisational matters

8:40 Use of Water Moss in Small Scale On-site Wastewater Treatment; Teppo Rantanen, Biolan, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/rantanen_water_moss.pdf rantanen_water_moss.pdf 1.75 MB 
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/rantanen_water_moss.pptx rantanen_water_moss.pptx 1.69 MB 

9:00 New Methods of Processing Formed Peat on a Screw Extruding Machine; Kirill Epifancev, Russia
not present

9:20 Peat as a Reactive Liner Material in Tailings Impoundment; Ilkka Ilmavirta and Kauko Kujala, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/kujala_17.6.2010.pdf kujala_17.6.2010.pdf 1.72 MB 

10:00 Coffee break

10:20 Laboratory Methods for Identification of Self-heated Peat – Suitability of different parameters and related identification risks; Jaakko Soikkeli, Päivi Picken and Jaakko Lehtovaara, Vapo, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/picken_lehtovaara_selfheatingAnd Analytics_final_DIAT.ppt picken_lehtovaara_selfheatingAnd Analytics_final_DIAT.ppt 3.07 MB
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/picken_lehtovaara_selfheatingAnd Analytics_final_handout.pdf picken_lehtovaara_selfheatingAnd Analytics_final_handout.pdf 186.57 KB 

10:40 Peat as Bedding Material for Domestic Animals in Finland; Päivi Picken, Olli Reinikainen, Vapo, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/reinikainen_picken_Peatbedding20100614.ppt reinikainen_picken_Peatbedding20100614.ppt 25.32 MB 

11:00 PLA and PP Composites with Cellulosic Fibres from the Peat and Wood Industry; Kirsi Immonen and Johanna Lampinen, VTT, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/technology/immonen_seminar_17062010.ppt immonen_seminar_17062010.ppt 2.79 MB

11:30 Lunch
12:30 Departure of excursions

The organising committee reserves its right to change the programme if necessary. Please contact susann.warnecke (at) peatsociety.org immediately in case you cannot participate or have to move the time slot of your presentation.

The programme above is always the latest currently available version - please check this page before making any final travel arrangements. All speakers were asked to write an article on their subject for Peatlands International 1/2010 to be published in connection with the IPS Convention.