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Preliminary Programme

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

14:00 Introduction; Päivi Picken and Catherine Farrell

14:10 Many prospects in After-use of Cut-Away Peatlands; Veijo Klemetti and Olli Reinikainen, Finland
 /jkl seminars 2010/after-use/klemetti_Cut-Away.pdf klemetti_Cut-Away.pdf 999.96 KB 

14:30 Practical Guide for After-Use of Cut-Over Peatlands in Finland; Hannu Salo, Finland
/jkl seminars 2010/after-use/salo_after-use_presentation_1662010.ppt salo_after-use_presentation_1662010.ppt 118.00 KB 

14:50 After-Use of Peat Production Areas in Sweden; Stefan Östlund, Sweden
/jkl seminars 2010/after-use/östlund presentation2.pdf östlund presentation2.pdf 2.59 MB 

15:10 Afforestation of Cut-Away Peatlands: Problems and Possibilities; Lasse Aro, Finland
 /jkl seminars 2010/after-use/aro_aff_cut-aways_prob and possibilities.pdf aro_aff_cut-aways_prob and possibilities.pdf 1.97 MB 

15:30 Coffee break

15:50 Bord na Móna Biodiversity Action Plan: Planning the Future of the Cut-Away Bogs; Catherine Farrell, Ireland
 /jkl seminars 2010/after-use/farrell IPS BNM BAP.pdf farrell IPS BNM BAP.pdf 2.69 MB 

16:10 Growing Birch and Willow for Bioenergy on Cut-Away Peatlands; Lasse Aro, Jyrki Hytönen, Finland
 /jkl seminars 2010/after-use/hytönen_birchwillow_jkl2010.pdf hytönen_birchwillow_jkl2010.pdf 5.14 MB 

16:30 After-Use of Harvested Peatlands – Can Favouring of the Spontaneous Re-vegetation be an Alternative? Triin Triisberg, Jaanus Paal and Edgar Karofeld, Estonia
/jkl seminars 2010/after-use/triisberg_ettekanne.ppt triisberg_ettekanne.ppt 4.43 MB

17:00 Closing
18:00 Departure to boat cruise on Lake Päijänne and dinner at Savutuvan Apaja restaurant

Thursday, 17 June 2010

8:30 Re-opening and organisational matters

8:40 Effects on the Peatland Environment of Hydrological Restoration after Peat Extraction; Lars Lundin, Elve Lode, Monika Strömgren, Torbjörn Nilsson and Sabine Jordan, Sweden
/jkl seminars 2010/after-use/lundin_rewet-jkl.ppt lundin_rewet-jkl.ppt 14.15 MB 

9:00 Sphagnum Farming – A Quick Restoration for Cut-Away Peatlands; Niko Silvan, Finland
 /jkl seminars 2010/after-use/silvan_Sphagnum_Farming.pdf silvan_Sphagnum_Farming.pdf 4.06 MB 

9:20 Studies on Growing Crops on Harvested Peat Lands in New Brunswick; L. L. Ranasinghe, G. E. Williston and R. McIntyre, Canada
/jkl seminars 2010/after-use/ranasinghe_growing_crops.ppt ranasinghe_growing_crops.ppt 16.50 MB 

9:40 Cultivation of Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) on Cut-Away Peatlands; Mia Suominen, Finland
 /jkl seminars 2010/after-use/suominen17.6.2010.pdf suominen17.6.2010.pdf 2.17 MB 

10:00 Coffee break

10:20 Planning hydrological restoration of peatlands in Indonesia to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions; H. Wösten, J. Jaenicke, A. Budiman and F. Siegert, Germany, the Netherlands and Indonesia
/jkl seminars 2010/after-use/wosten_jyvaskyla.ppt wosten_jyvaskyla.ppt 13.72 MB 

10:40 Novel Technology for Carbon Sensing Networks in Tropical Peatland; Mitsuru Osaki, Bambang Setiadi, Hidenori Takahashi, Takashi Hirano, Toshihisa Honma, Suwido H. Limin, Gen Inoue, and Yuji Inoue, Japan and Indonesia
/jkl seminars 2010/after-use/osaki_presentation_IPSJune2010.ppt osaki_presentation_IPSJune2010.ppt 22.16 MB 

11:00  Atmospheric impact of a bioenergy crop cultivation on a peat extraction site in eastern Finland; Narasinha J. Shurpali,a, Harri Strandman, Antti Kilpeläinen, Niina Hyvönen, Jari Huttunen, Christina Biasi, Seppo Kellomäki and Pertti J. Martikainen
/jkl seminars 2010/after-use/shurpalijyvaskyla.ppt shurpalijyvaskyla.ppt 4.35 MB 

11:15 FINAL: Introduction to Wise After-Use; Catherine Farrell, Ireland

11:30 Lunch
12:30 Departure of excursions

The organising committee reserves its right to change the programme if necessary. Please contact susann.warnecke (at) peatsociety.org immediately in case you cannot participate or have to move the time slot of your presentation.

The programme above is always the latest currently available version - please check this page before making any final travel arrangements. All speakers were asked to write an article on their subject for Peatlands International 1/2010 to be published in connection with the IPS Convention.