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How to get to Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä is quite easy to reach by plane, bus or train from Helsinki, Tampere or Turku:

Flight information can be obtained and tickets bought from many international airlines. The main carrier is Finnair, www.finnair.com but there are also other companies flying from and to Finland (SAS, KLM, BA, Blue1, easyjet, airBaltic, Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Aer Lingus, Wizz etc.), mainly to Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. 

Flights to Jyväskylä via Helsinki can be booked through by your local travel agency or on the Internet, possibly they need the airport code JYV. 

Domestic flights from Helsinki to Jyväskylä can also be booked from Finnair; or seperately for low rates directly from the operator, www.fc.fi. These low budget flights are, however, not refundable in case your first flight arrives late, also the luggage has to be picked up in between the flights.

From Jyväskylä-Tikkakoski airport you will take a taxi to the city center (approx 30 minutes, € 30). The taxi should be ordered beforehand by calling +358 100 6900. This phone number is also visible at the check-in counter in Helsinki and there is a free phone to the taxi desk at Jyväskylä airport. More info: www.finavia.fi/airports/airport_jyvaskyla.


There is a shuttle bus connection between Helsinki-Vantaa airport and Tikkurila railway station (bus 61 takes 25 minutes), alternatively you can also go by shuttle bus to Helsinki city center (bus 615 takes 35 minutes) and from there by train. Of course this is also possible by taxi. All this is very well described at www.helsinki-vantaa.fi/bybus where you can also find the exact shuttle timetables (click on their number).

Trains from Helsinki via Tikkurila to Jyväskylä leave approximately every hour (duration 3-4 hours), please see their detailed schedules at www.vr.fi/eng. Some of them go directly to Jyväskylä, while others require changing in Tampere.

Tickets can be bought at the railway stations (show them your itinerary, approx € 50) or in the train. There is also a 50% discount for travellers over 65 years (eläkeläiset, show your passport). In Jyväskylä you can reach your hotel easily by a short walk, by taxi or local buses, depending on its location.

There are also buses directly from Helsinki Airport to Jyväskylä. They leave also almost every hour, but require a change in Lahti or Kerava and take 4-5 hours , timetables can be found at www.matkahuolto.info/lippu/en/. Costs vary from € 40 to 50.


Ryanair is flying also directly from Bremen, Edinburgh, Frankfurt-Hahn, London-Stansted, Kaunas, Milano, Malaga and Riga to Tampere, Wizz Air from Gdansk to Tampere. This shortens your train or bus ride to about 2 hours. Timetables are available at www.ryanair.com/en and www.wizzair.com; transfer information at www.finavia.fi/airports/airport_tampere-pirkkala (bus 61 to the city center, 40 minutes). Train schedules from Tampere to Jyväskylä can be found at www.vr.fi/eng

Wizzair is also flying from Riga, Gdansk, Warsaw and Budapest to Turku. Train schedules from Turku to Jyväskylä can be found at www.vr.fi/eng, the trip takes approximately 3.5 hours.


shipmap.jpgAlternatively you can reach Jyväskylä by car (270 km north of Helsinki) and use different ferry services from Central Europe, Sweden or the Baltics. Tickets can be booked, for instance, at www.finnlines.com (routes in the map on the left) or www.tallinksilja.com/en/. Remember to keep your lights switched on while driving in Finland and watch out for the elks!

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