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Speaker instructions: Peat Technology and After-Use of Peatlands

Dear speakers,


we are very glad that you are ready to give a presentation at one of the IPS Seminars on Peat Technology and the After-Use of Peatlands on 16-17 June.

On this page, you will find the technical instructions for your presentation - please come back shortly before the event to find the latest information. 


There will be a laptop, projector and flip chart available at the seminar rooms of Scandic Hotel Jyväskylä. We use Windows XP in English or Finnish and Power Point.


All speakers have to register as attendees of their seminar. We kindly ask you to pay your registrations fees by 30 May so that we can confirm the programme at that stage. Please also remember to book your accommodation and make travel arrangements in due time. IPS is not able to cover your travelling costs, hotel and registrations fees (if not otherwise agreed), but we offer you an interesting Convention programme and lots of new contacts!

Proceedings and Handouts

Articles on all topics will be published in Peatlands International, to be ready in connection with the Seminars (more information below). Additionally, you can send your slides by 10 June to susann.warnecke (at) peatsociety.org for distribution at the conference. In case we have not received your slides, we will use the abstracts that were originally sent to the IPS Secretariat when you applied to give a presentation. All handouts will be freely available on a table and can be combined by the attendees themselves according to their interests.

Peatlands International

All speakers are asked to write an article of 1-2 pages on their topic for Peatlands International 1/2010. The text should be written in Arial pt 10, contain the full contact details of the authors and have as little formatting as absolutely necessary. All photos, graphs and other illustrations have to be submittes as separate files. In addition, we need captions and the names of the copyright holders. Articles must be submitted by mid May at the very latest, please also indicate if your text was already checked by an English native speaker. For more information and to submit your material, please contact susann.warnecke (at) peatsociety.org.

Call for Presentations

We are now collecting presentations on the latest developments in Peat Technology and the After-Use of Peatlands for the seminars in Jyväskylä on 16 and 17 June.

Do you have new findings with regards to one of these broad topics? Which innovations were put into use in your organisation within the previous years or even months? What kind of testing results could be shared with your international colleagues? Do you need information exchange on certain technical matters? Or is there any engineer in your organisation that would benefit from such knowledge and needs to know about this seminar?

On the other hand, is there new knowledge with regard to peatland restoration efforts? Do you have new insights on emission measurements, plant development or hydrology? Has there been significant progress on your testing site after the Tampere or Tullamore Congresses that you wish to share?

Please contact Susann Warnecke at the IPS Secretariat by the end of March with your proposal for a topic and a short abstract, susann.warnecke (at) peatsociety.org. All proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the organising committee before acceptance. Please remember that for each abstract at least one speaker should be able to travel to Finland and attend the seminar in Jyväskylä. We look forward to hearing from you!

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