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Malaysian Peat Society

YB Dato' Dr. James Dawos Mamit
Natural Resources & Enviroment Board Sarawak
18th-20th Floor, Menara Pelita
Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Ya'akub
93050 Petra Yaja, Kuching
E-mail: dawos (at) tm.net.my

Dr. Lulie Melling
Tropical Peat Research Laboratory
Soil Management Branch
Chief Minister's Department
Jalan Badruddin

93400 Kuching
E-mail: lulie_melling (at) yahoo.com

Annual Report 2010

The Malaysian Peat Society (MPS) was officially registered with the Registrar of Society Malaysia under the governance of Rules and Constitution of Persatuan Gambut Malaysia (Malaysian Peat Society). The Management Committee of the MPS in the period of 2009-2011 consists of the President: Dr. James Dawos Mamit, Vice-President: Mr. Ho Kian Sin, Secretary-General: Mr. Frederick Haili Teck, Treasurer-General: Dr. Lulie Melling and Assistant Treasurer-General: Mr. Sulim Lumong.

The society held its two committee meetings on 4th September 2010 and 17th December 2010 to discuss on the various issues pertaining to the formation of the society.  The meetings discussed on the formation of the society’s bank account, appointment of panel lawyers, internal and external auditors and membership recruitment exercise plan. During the meeting, it was agreed upon that those who attended the pro-tem committee meeting be accepted as the immediate members of MPS and a membership drive will proceed immediately. The next Annual General Meeting of MPS was tentatively fixed on 26th March 2011.

One of the highlighted events of the year was MPS won the bidding to host the International Peat Congress 2016 in Malaysia. The bidding event was held in Jyvaskyla, Finland on the 16th of June 2010 and the winning bid was a credit to the collaborative efforts of MPS and Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB). The President of MPS shall automatically become the chair of IPS if MPS resume the chair country to head IPS. Therefore, Dr. Lulie Melling is to be elected as President of MPS during the same tenure because she is a candidate to President to 2016 IPS.

In November, a 2-day workshop on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for oil palm cultivation on peat was co-organized with the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) in Sibu, Sarawak. The workshop was organized to address the issues relating to oil palm development on peat because focus has been placed on the sustainability of plantation crops developed on peatlands. New emerging issues have been raised in relation to peatland management including the need to prevent peatland fires and also the issues of carbon storage and climate change. A sustainable and wise use of these peatlands is essential in order to ensure that sufficient areas still remain to carry out their vital natural resources functions while satisfying the essential requirements of present and future generations.