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Latvian Peat Producers Association

Mr. Valerijs Kozlovs
Latvian Peat Producers' Association
Bauskas str. 20
LV-1004 Riga
Tel.: +371 6 760 5096
Fax: +371 6 762 7810
E-mail: peat.lv (at) peat.lv
Web: www.peat.lv

Mrs. Ilze Ozola
Latvian Peat Producers Association
Bauskas 20
Riga, LV 1004
Phone: +371 6760 5096
Fax: +371 762 7810
E-mail: peat (at) peat.lv

Annual Report 2009

Currently the Latvian Peat Producers Association has 24 members, two of which are associated members, one individual member and five honorary members. 

The Annual Meeting of Latvian Peat Producers Association was held on 19 March, 2009 on the cruise ship “Regina Baltica” from Riga to Stockholm. The general meeting discussed the report of the Board, the Revision Commission, welcomed new members and approved the income and expenditure estimate of 2009. The participants enjoyed also an excursion through Stockholm.

Association members had a meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Environment, State limited liability company “Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre" JSC Latvijas valsts mezi (State forests of Latvia) in February 2009. During this meeting our members were instructed in the latest changes in the legislation.

JSC “Latvijas valsts mezi” developed together with the Association auction rules for one of their supervised territories for peat extraction.

The Association held its 7th Sport Games in July 2009 in Rojas district, organized by “Pindstrup Latvia Ltd”. In the team ranking, the first place was taken also by the host company. The next Sport Games will be organized by JSC “Seda”.

Association members participated in the 9th Baltic Peat Producers Forum that was held in Tartu. Our members found it very interesting. Thanks’ to the organizers – the Estonian Peat Association!

Finally, the Latvian society knows a little bit more about peat production because of several broadcasts in National TV about some of our corporate members.

IPS Latvian National Committee applied to organize the 15th International Peat Congress in 2016 in Riga, Latvia. The final decision will be made at the Annual Assembly 2010 in Finland by the IPS National Committees present.

The Association also restored the “Kūdras ziņas” informative issue for our members and started to update and improve our webpage at www.peat.lv.

Annual Report 2008

Currently there are 24 members in the Latvian Peat Producers Association; two of them are associate members, and five honorary members. The members of the Latvian Peat Producers Association extract 74% of all extracted peat in Latvia. One of the members has left the Latvian Peat Producers Association, but at the end of 2008 one new associate member joined - Laimdota Kalnina, professor from the University of Latvia, Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences. She is researching formation and development of mires and is involving students in these activities, such as our project manager Ilze Gorovneva.

There have been some changes in the structure of LPPA. Up to finishing her Master’s thesis, “Reconstruction of palaeovegetation at the North Eastern area of Ancient Burtnieks Lake”, Ilze Gorovneva was working as Secretary, but after graduating she has been working as Project Manager. At the moment she is finalizing her Doctoral thesis “Natural and human induced Holocene environmental and climate change recorded in lake and bog sediments of Northern Latvia”. In early December Ilze gave birth to her first son. Uldis Ozols took care of her duties during  the maternity leave.

The Annual Meeting of the Latvian Peat Producers Association was held on 28 March in the guest house “Aitinlauvas”. In the general meeting, four topics were discussed, including the Board’s report, the revised Commission report, a welcome to new members and the approval of income and expenditure estimates for 2008.

The Latvian Peat Producers Association held its 6th Sport Games on 27 - 28 July 2008 in the Madona district, this time organized by “Livanu Kudras fabrika”. Besides the usual sports, fishing and street ball, there were several very interesting sports - blind volleyball, blind orienteering, rolling of a horse cart wheel etc. For the first time, the Association administration attended with their own team. In the team rankings the first place was taken by “Pindstrup Latvia”. This company will organize the next Games on the coast of the Gulf of Riga at the sports complex „Dzintarkrasts” on 10 - 12 July 2009.

Also in 2008, the LPPA Board decided to make some changes to the existing Certification system of the Latvian Peat Producers Association (KRASS) and confirmed a new Certification Commission that consists of the following specialists: A.Snore (Chair), Z.Jurass, S.Viss and A.Lacis.

KRASS was developed and is operating in Latvia, or more precisely, its first phase was developed in detail and it is now operating in Latvia. The objective of introducing a certification system is to improve the quality of peat products and ensure environment-friendly and sustainable use of peatlands in Latvia. The KRASS certificate acknowledges the philosophy of the certified company to work at a high technical level, following the regulations of environmental protection. LPPA received a request for a certificate from Ltd. Laflora in November 2008 which was approved after inspecting Kaigu Bog.

The LPPA Board had a meeting with JSC Latvijas valsts mezi, LVM - State forests of Latva in February 2009. During this meeting several very important questions were discussed:

  1. Improving cooperation of LPPA with LVM;
  2. LVM long term strategy in peatland management;
  3. Principles of rental charges for peatlands provided for extraction;
  4. Lease agreements with peat extractors, LPPA members

Conclusions were:

  1. LVM will organize Salenieku mire auction;
  2. LVM representatives will inform LPPA about auction rules before sale.

The traditional forum of representatives of Baltic peat producers was held on 3 - 5 September 2008 in Jurmala, Latvia. The issue of this year’s Forum was “Peat in Life”. Besides participants from the Baltic States, delegates from Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands attended the seminar, totalling to 97 participants.

Mr. Valerijs Kozlovs, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Peat Producers Association opened the Forum. All the participants had a chance to hear several very interesting presentations. Mr. Edmunds Belskis, representative of the Ministry of Economics, spoke about the business environment in Latvia. Dr. Norbert Siebels, Vice Chairman of the European Peat and Growing Media Association (EPAGMA) reported on the socioeconomic impact of the peat and growing media industry on horticulture in the EU, Mr. Albinas Cernauskas, Director of the Lithuanian Peat Producers Association, and Mr. Erki Niitlaan, Director of the Estonian Peat Association, reported on current peat industry activities and the main tasks for the next year. Mr. Agris Lacis, Managing Director of the Latvian Peat Producers Association, discussed mires and peat in Latvia and last, but not least, Ms. Triin Triisberg gave the presentation “Cut-over peatlands, needs for their restoration and experience”. Delegates from the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus gave presentations about the peat industry in their countries. A joint field trip was organized to Kaigu Bog. 

Four delegates from Latvia, Valerijs Kozlovs, Andis Gredzens, Peteris Romanovskis and Ilze Gorovneva attended the 13th International Peat Congress in Tullamore and gave two presentations: “Mire stratigraphy and resources in Latvia” (authors: L.Kalnina, A.Lacis, V.Kozlovs) and “Stone Age settlements on peatlands in Latvia” (authors: L.Kalnina, A.Cerina, I.Gorovneva, V.Berzins).

The Association is continuing its collaboration with Belarus. Chairman of the Board, Valerijs Kozlovs attended a Belarus - Latvia Intergovernmental Commission sitting that was held on 16 - 17 October 2008 in Minsk. During this meeting questions on economic and scientific-economic cooperation were discussed. The Commission recommended organizing a Latvian specialist training at Belarusian universities with regard to peat extraction. Later in individual meetings, V.Kozlovs discussed organizing summer practice in our companies for students of the Technical University of Belarus.