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Finnish Peat Society (Suoseura ry)

M.Sc. Riitta Korhonen
Tilanhoitajankaari 22 C 55 new!
00790 Helsinki
Mobile: +358 40 524 2486
E-mail: riitta.korhonen3 (at) gmail.com new!
Web: www.suoseura.fi

Dr. Leila Korpela
Finnish Forest Research Institute
Vantaa Research Center
P.O. Box 18
01301 Vantaa
Phone: +358 10 211 2629
Fax: +358 10 211 2202
E-mail: leila.korpela (at) metla.fi
Web: www.metla.fi

Annual Report 2010

The activities of Finnish Peatland Society - Suoseura in year 2010 concentrated mostly on three occasions. Big effort of the members of Suoseura as well as the Organizing Executive Board was the work with the preparation of the National Strategy of Mires and Peatlands of Finland. Traditionally two regular annual meetings for members; spring and autumn meetings, were arranged with oral presentations and a seminar about current topics concerning mires and peatlands. At the spring meeting, the topics of the presentations was “the environmental effects of peatland forestry”.

In connection of the autumn meeting, a seminar titled: Finnish Peatland Society and International Peat Society (IPS): Review to the strategies of peatland and mire management (see: www.suoseura.fi) was arranged. The meetings and seminars were open to anyone interested, without any attending fees.

Meetings and seminars (see also www.suoseura.fi)

I Meeting,
The Annual spring meeting, 16th March 2010, in Helsinki

 14 attendants) followed by lectures:
- Ph.D. Riitta Väänänen, Phosphorus retention in forest soils and the functioning of buffer zones used in forestry in Finland (based on her Ph.D. –work) (www.metla.fi/dissertationes)
- Ph.D. student Paavo Oja (Helsinki University), The greenhouse gas emissions of peatlands drained for forestry in Finland - based on (Metla’s) measurements on forested peatland sample plot network.

II Meeting, the Annual autumn meeting, 25th November 2010,
at House of Estates, Helsinki (60 attendants) (http://www.suoseura.fi/eng/index.html)

The seminar started at 10.00 am and the topics of the morning were:
- Welcoming words -  Riitta Korhonen, Chair of the Finnish Peatland Society
- Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management -  Donal Clarke, President of the IPS
- What is IPS? - Björn Hånell, First Vice President of the IPS
- Review to the Strategy for Finnish Peatland and Mire Management - Jaana Kaipainen, Secretary General of the Working Group, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
The morning session was ended by the presentation of Björn Hånell
- Towards the next Peat Congress in Stockholm 2012.
The topics of the afternoon concerned the activities of Finnish Peatland Society in different IPS Comissions and the Comissions were presented.
The seminar ended with the Annual Assembly of the Finnish Peatland Society.


Suoseura was partly responsible for arranging the two days field trips in the connection of IPS Convention 2010 in Jyväskylä, Finland, 14-18 June.

So, instead of the traditional autumn excursion, the members of Suoseura were offered the possibility to attend the Field trips of Peat Technology and After-Use of Peatlands 17-18 June 2010, in the vicinity of Jyväskylä and Tampere area. Especially, the after-use field trip was popular among the members of Suoseura as well as the members of IPS other nationalities.


The journal of SUO (see also www.suoseura.fi/Suo)
In year 2010, Finnish Peatland Society published the 61th volume of the quarterly journal of SUO (Mires and peat), with altogether 94 pages and number of reprints 450.
Since 2005 the whole scientific articles of Suo are also published in the website: www.suoseura.fi/Suo.

Activities in IPS and in its Commissions

In Finnish Peatland Society’s activities in IPS includes the arrangements of the Field-trips of IPS Convention 2010, in Jyväskylä, june 2010.

Suoseura, Finnish Peatland Society also arranged together with the IPS Commission VI the Balneological Symposium of IPS in Kurikka, Finland, 2-4 September. The Symposium was called the “Round Table on the Use of peat in Balneology, Medicine and Therapy”. There were altogether 20 participants from Germany, Estonia and Finland.
 (see the short report in: Peatlands International 2/2010).

Many of the members of Finnish Peatland Society took actively part in reviewing and commenting the final version of the IPS Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management.

Annual Report 2008

The activities of the Finnish Peatland Society - Suoseura in 2008 have been many. Suoseura arranged two regular meetings for its members, traditionally in spring and autumn. Connected to every meeting there were presentations or lectures about current topics concerning mires and peatlands. The meetings were open to anyone interested.

This year, an autumn excursion was arranged to the mires of South-East Finland. Because so many members of the Finnish Peatland Society, about fourty, participated in the Tullamore Congress, the number of our own excursions and meetings was one less than usual.

Meetings and seminars

Annual spring meeting, 11 March 2008, Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA), Vantaa (20 attendants), lectures on the after-use of cut-over peatlands:

Annual autumn meeting, 18 November 2008, Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA),Vantaa (34 attendants), presentations on:

Excursion to Kymenlaakso

The traditional autumn excursion of the Finnish Peat Society took place from 16 to 17 September 2008 and visited the mires of South-East Finland in the areas of Kouvola, Hamina, Lappeenranta and Lake Saimaa.

Altogether 42 members of Suoseura took part in this excursion. The peatland researchers of the Geological Survey of Southern Finland, Dr. Markku Mäkilä and Mr. Ale Grundström were the main guides and organizers. In addition to the members of Suoseura, Mrs. Marie Kofod-Hansen (TorvForsk), Mr. Magnus Brandel (Swedish Peat Producers’ Association), Mr. Stefan Östlund (Neova Ltd.) from Sweden and Mr. Erki Niitlaan (Estonian Peat Association) from Estonia also took part in this excursion.

The first day started with a visit to the Mustila arboretum in Elimäki municipality.  Over 100 years old, it is the largest arboretum in Scandinavia. The next sites were the mires of Valkmusa National Park, comprising the largest natural mires of the littoral zone of Southern Finland.

Afterwards, Jari Jääskeläinen from Vapo Oy guided us through a new peat production area at Vehkaoja, which was in the preparation phase - the area had been drained first for forestry - to an old  peat production area at Haukkasuo mire, where peat production had started already in the 1940s and will soon be finished. For overnight, we travelled to the shores of Lake Saimaa, to the holiday center Saimaanranta in Taipalsaari.

On the second excursion day, we first visited the sub area of the city of Lappeenranta, where we saw a very old peat layer formed over 10,200 years ago. This was found in connection with construction works. The next place visited was something other than soft peat -  a museum of jewels in Ylämaa municipality and a granite quarry of Palin Granit Ltd. The war history became familiar at Miehikkälä where we visited the defence line of Salpalinja. In the Ruokolammensuo mire, near the town of Hamina, the peat layer transgression of the Litorina Sea and the method of taking peat samples with a peat drill became familiar.

Just before we started on the way back home, we heard a presentation by forest ecology Ph.D. student Paavo Ojanen from the University of Helsinki on his research in co-operation with the Finnish Forest Research Institute, where the CO2 gas exchange on peatlands drained for forestry is measured and simulated. A travel report, written by Iida Kämäri is available in Finnish: Suoseuran syysretki Kaakkois-Suomen soille. Suo 59(3): 89-93.


In the year 2008 the Finnish Peatland Society published the 59th volume of the quarterly journal SUO, comprising altogether 146 pages and printed in 600 copies.

The Society has also published a new book: Korhonen, R., Korpela L. and Sarkkola, S. (eds.), Finland - Fenland,  Research and sustainable utilisation of mires and peat. The book was published at the same time also in Finnish as “Suomi-Suomaa”. The book comprises 14 main themes and 38 different sub-themes of recent knowledge in all different fields concerning the peatlands and mires of Finland, written by 42 experts in their own fields. The official publication day of the books was the 10 September 2008. The price of the English version is € 58 including mailing costs and it can be easily ordered at the IPS website.

Activities in IPS and its commissions

About 40 members of Finnish National Committee participated in the 13th International Peat Congress in Tullamore, Ireland in June. The Finnish members have also actively taken part in other IPS meetings and as national members in IPS Commissions and Working Groups in 2008. More information on activities and publications can be found at www.suoseura.fi.