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Membership structure of IPS

The International Peat Society has 1,450 members from 36 different countries (31 December 2010).

Membership of the International Peat Society is open to all scientific, industrial, commercial and other organisations with the status of a legal entity and to any individual person interested in the study, conservation and utilisation of peat and peatlands.

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Members of the Society can be of three categories:

National Committees

At present, 18 National Committees with altogether 1,413 members belong to the IPS. Only one IPS National Committee with the status of a legal entity or some other organisation with the status of a legal entity to which the Executive Board of the Society has granted the status of an IPS National Committee, will be recognised in each country.

In countries with a National Committee all interested organisations, corporations, foundations and individuals are affiliated to the Society through the National Committee concerned.

National Committees currently exist in Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

Members in countries without an IPS National Committee

Corporate members

The IPS has 7 corporate members in countries without a National Committee (31 December 2010).

In countries without a National Committee corporate members must be legal entities, such as corporations, foundations or organisations of a scientific, industrial, commercial or similar nature. Such corporate members are affiliated directly to the Society. The annual membership fee for Corporate Members amounts currently to EUR 265.

Individual members

In countries without a National Committee individual members are affiliated directly to the Society. They pay an annual membership fee of currently EUR 45.

Admission to individual membership of the Society is, in case of countries without a National Committee, subject to approval of the Executive Board.

As of December 2010, the IPS had 29 Individual Members in 17 countries without National Committees: Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Burundi, Chile, Denmark, France, India, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain and Taiwan R.O.C.

To join the IPS, please visit www.peatsociety.org/index.php?id=21