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IPS Strategic Plan 2008 - 2012

Identity: The International Peat Society (IPS) is a non-governmental, non-profit multidisciplinary organisation of scientific, industrial and regulatory members both individual and institutional.

Vision: The vision of the IPS is to be the authoritative international organisation on all aspects of peatlands and peat.

Mission: The mission of the IPS is to bring people and organisations together to foster the advancement, exchange and communication of scientific, technical and social knowledge and understanding for the wise use of peatlands and peat.

Objectives and Tasks

Research and development:

Objective: To promote research into peatlands, peat and their use, including both conservation and non-use, and to disseminate the information obtained.


1. To promote research on, and survey of, peatlands and peat, and to encourage innovation and research in peatland science, technology, conservation and restoration.
2. To promote the development of environmentally sound techniques and their application to agriculture, forestry and industrial use of peatlands and to the management of cut-over areas.
3. To promote national and international standards for the classification of peatlands and peat.
4. To promote the certification of peatlands and peat.

Public policy:

Objective: To cooperate with governmental, intergovernmental, and international organisations and to provide them with science-based information relevant to policies directly or indirectly affecting peatlands and peat and their use.


1. To advise local, national, and international authorities and other organisations on public policy matters relating to peatland conservation, scientific and technical  research, and wise use of peatlands and peat.
2. To participate in international fora to represent and promote the wise use of peatlands and peat.
3. To foster, monitor and report implementation by governments of international and national programmes related to the wise use of peatlands and peat.

Responsibility to members:

Objective: To assist its members through communication regarding education, research and advocacy in matters related to the members’ business, scientific and environmental activities.


To provide fora where members can meet and discuss, internet communication and publications.


Objective: To communicate pro-actively within IPS membership and beyond, providing information on the role of peatlands and peat in the environment and the economy, and their wise use.


1. To promote appropriate conservation of peatlands.
2. To promote the use of peatlands and peat as an important community and economic benefit.
3. To promote responsible restoration, reclamation and after-use of developed peatlands.
4. To collect and disseminate information on meetings, including seminars, conferences and congresses, dealing with peatlands and peat.


Objective: To work proactively through partnership, networking and cooperation.


To promote cooperation and partnership with and among research institutes, companies, other organisations and individuals involved in the study, conservation, utilisation and responsible after-use of peatlands.

last update October 2010