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Welcome to the new IPS Discussion Forum. If you have registered already as a forum user, please go here directly to the forum. Otherwise we ask you to carefully read the instructions below.


Only members of the International Peat Society are allowed to register for this forum and only registered members can participate in the discussions for IPS members. For guests (unregistered users) we are providing a limited choice of forums. Please visit this page for more information on how to join the IPS.

You can find the link to register on the right top of the Forum page, under "Society". We ask all those who want to participate in the forum to register with their REAL NAMES, for instance by using firstname.lastname as user name. All other nicknames or abbreviations will be refused by the administrator. Additionally, please add your name, title and the name of your institution to your signature when editing your own profile. This enhances the quality and reliability of posts in this forum.

Forum policy

The official language of the forum is English. The IPS does not carry any responsibility for opinions or information posted in this forum, neither for linked external websites.

Any use of offensive language, malicious postings, spamming, advertising, foul language, personal insults, racist or sexist comments, disturbing content, pornography, or criminal activities are strictly forbidden.

The administrators and moderators of the forum reserve the right to delete any of such posts without further notice. In certain cases, bans of user names, ip addresses and legal prosecution will be considered.

Voluntary offer

Please note that all participation in this forum is voluntary - not all questions can be answered immediately. Please contact the IPS Secretariat directly in case you have further questions or urgent requests.

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