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Commission VIII - Cultural Aspects of Peat and Peatlands-People involved

People involved

The Commission's Chair is Michiel Gerding, the Netherlands, m.gerding@drentsplateau.nl with the undispensable help from Marie Kofod-Hansen, Sweden, marie.kofodhansen@torvforsk.se

The Commission has a Steering Group:

      Andreas Bauerochse, Germany a.bauerochse@gmx.net
      Tom Egan, Ireland  Thomas.Egan@bnm.ie

      Reidar Pettersson, Sweden  reidarpettersson@hotmail.com

      Hannu Salo, Finland  hannu.salo@pp2.inet.fi

and contact persons in a number of countries:

     Thomas Malterer, USA  Tmaltere@umh.edu

     Arne Nordviste, Norway  arne@nordviste.no

     Valdis Polmanis, Latvia

     István Szabó, Hungary  il-szabo@georgikon.hu

     Kazimierz Tobolski, A. Mickiewicz University, chairman of the Polish          Commission VIII  tobolski@amu.edu

     Louis-Marie Rivière, France

     Viacheslav Rakovich, Byelorussia  peatland@hs.ecology.ac.by
not yet confirmed:

     Jean-Yves Daigle, Canada

     Karel Brezina, Czech Republic

     Arvo Luberg, Estonia

     Bambang Setiadi, Indonesia

     R. Robertson, United Kingdom

     Vaidotas Siauciunas, Lithuania

and (as yet) about 30 individuals from various countries.