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Peat Balneology, Medicine and Therapeutics Conference


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

after an unsuccessful attempt last year, we are now making a new start scheduling the

16th Bad Neydharting Round Table Conference

in agreement with Heilmoorbad Neydharting GmbH and the Chairlady of Commission VI, Mrs. Riitta Korhonen, Espoo, Finland for

26 - 28 May 2006 in Bad Neydharting, Austria.

I am enclosing an inscription form inviting you for participation and, at the same time, asking for proposals on topics we should deal with at the meeting.

This new date will be enriched by three events, which we should incorporate into the conference:

Doesn't that call for a celebration?

Please dispatch the reply form attached below by 15 April at the latest. The final invitation will be mailed out after the Easter holidays.

Hope to see you at Bad Neydharting in good cheer and health!

Prof.Dr. Gerd Lüttig

Additional information

We are planning to accommodate the participants at the Dickinger Hotel.

There is, as usual, no conference fee to be paid, however, accommodation and boarding costs have to be covered by the participant.

The conference will be held in English and German, there is no simultaneous translation provided.

For newcomers, I would like to stress that these conferences are not planned as formal and stiff lecture courses but as open round table meetings, and a friendly and straight exchange of ideas is what we are looking for.

If you have technical questions, please approach Mrs. Fausta Piccini-Stöber.


Please fill in the registration form below and send it as soon as possible, deadline is 15 April 2006.

We ask you to send two registration forms, the first to Heilmoorbad Neydharting for hotel and technical questions, the second to Prof. Dr. Lüttig, telling your wishes on topics to be negotiated. Please write in block letters, by typewriter or computer.

/neydharting2006registration.doc Neydharting Registration Form 798.00 KB 

Contact details

Prof.Dr. Gerd Lüttig
Wittinger Str. 126
D-29223 Celle
Phone: +49 5141 930200
Fax: +49 5141 36253

Mrs. Fausta Piccini-Stöber
Heilmoorbad Neydharting GmbH
A-4654 Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting
Phone: +43 7245 25573
Fax: +43 7245 25007
E-mail: moor@moor-neydharting.com