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About Peat Dictionary

International Peat Society: Electronic Peat Dictionary
Copyright: International Peat Society 1984-2005
Realisation: Finnish Net Solutions Oy 2005
Languages: russian, english, german, finnish, swedish

This electronic peat dictionary is based on the Peat Dictionary of the
International Peat Society, Helsinki 1984.

Preface of the original book:

This dictionary is the first attempt of the International Peat Society (IPS) to compile a quinquelingual specialist reference book on peat. The need to prepare such a dictionary has arisen as a result of widening international ties among peat scientists and producers. Linguistically the dictionary covers the working languages of the IPS (English, Russian and German) and the languages of the countries that have advanced peat industries (Finnish and Swedish).

The vocabulary includes the most common terms that are likely to be used when characterizing a peat deposit or a developing one; producing, processing, storing or transporting peat, using peat and peat products for various purposes, doing chemical or physical analyses of peat composition; and a selection of general technical terms. Because of a lack of unified peat terminology certain phenomena are also described with the aid of traditionally developed designations, the entries then consisting of a group of more or less synonyms.

The dictionary was initiated by the IPS National Committee of the USSR. The first Russian-English-German version of the dictionary was compiled at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Peat Industry, Leningrad, USSR. The F.R.G. and U.K. National Committees have later participated in the work. The Finnish and Swedish terms have been added later by the Finnish and Swedish National Committees.

The members of the Dictionary Working Group: Mrs. Irina Rulle (USSR), editor of the original list of terms, revision of Russian terms; Mr. Alexander Dergunov (USSR), revision of Russian terms; Mr. R. Allan Robertson (U.K.), revision of English terms; Mr. John Cooke (Ireland), participation in the revision of English Terms; Mrs. Renate Schneider and Dr. Siegfried Schneider, revision of German terms; Mrs. Maija Korhonen (Finland), Finnish terms and general editorship of the dictionary; Mr. Raimo Sopo (Finland), revision of Finnish terms. In addition, a number of specialists have participated in the revision work in the USSR and in Finland.

The dictionary has been sponsored by the Finnish Ministry of Education, by the Finnish State Fuel (VAPO), by the National Swedish Board for Energy Source Development, by the IPS Finnish and Swedish National Committees and by Finnish-Soviet Techno-Scientific Cooperatio Committee.

The Working Group considers its work far from complete and final, and is very conscious of its drawbacks. The terminology on peat is not yet properly established and, therefore, it has been difficult to define exact equivalents for all entries. The Working Group considers this list of terms as a kind of pioneer work, which may serve as a basis for a more established and exact peat terminology in future. The authors will appreciate any criticisms and suggestions, which should be addressed to the IPS Secretariat, Unioninkatu 40 B, 00170 Helsinki 17, Finland.

Helsinki, December 1982


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